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"The 100% Penalty"

You are an officer & the president of your own company. You employ a controller whose responsiblity is to handle all financial matters, including paying all of your companies liabilities, payroll taxes, state sales tax, BWC etc. The IRS sends your company various notices which comes to your controller regarding payroll taxes owing the IRS. Unknown to you, the controller ignores these notices. IRS comes calling.

A Revenue Officer (RO) is appointed by the IRS to review your company business affairs. The RO finds that your company is liable for not paying over the TRUST FUND taxes known as the 100% Penalty.

The RO determines that you are personally responsible for these taxes. The assessment is made against you individually. Are you responsible for these taxes when you gave controll of all financial matters to your controller? What are your defenses?? This may be the begining of your nightmare. What can you do?? You do not want to lose your company. You have worked hard to be in your business.

SOLUTION:  CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! We will stop the IRS from taking your business, place a hold on enforcement and move to resolve your problems. RELAX & ENJOY LIFE. Go Back to your normal daily Life. The Mansour Firm with over 39 years of experience is working for you. Call US!


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