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  • Ohio Civil Rules of Practice and Procedures.

  • Rules of Practice Common Pleas Court, Butler County.

  • Rules of Practice Common Pleas Court, Hamilton County.

  • Rules of Practice Common Pleas Court, Warren County.

  • Federal Rules of Practice and Procedures.

  • U S Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedures.

  • Federal Rules of Evidence

  • Ohio Rules of Evidence

  • Tax Court Jurisdiction Procedure and Practice.

  • Invoking US District Court and Court of Claims in re: claims for refund.

  • Ohio Pretrial Litigation

  • Contract law, Property Law, Corporation Law, Partnership Law, Ohio Limited Liability Law.

  • Substantive Tax Law as related to the IRC Code, IRC Regulations, Revenue Rulings and IRM Procedures, Court Opinions, Treasury Decisions, Letter Rulings, Appeals, Legal Memorandums and Technical Advise Memorandums.

  • Code of Professional Responsibility (ABA).


Assisted Attorneys in the following areas in Civil Court Actions as an Independent Paralegal:

  • Preparation in filing of the initial complaint, Filing Answer and Counterclaims. This includes:

    • § Interviewing Witnesses, Analyze & Digest Legal

    • § Documents, Investigated facts, Perform legal & factual

    • § Research, Drafted Pleadings, Legal Memoranda & Briefs,

    • § Maintained Corporate Minute Books & Resolutions, for

    • § Corporations and Limited Liability companies.

    • § Analyzed Legal Issues of Shareholder disputes.

    • § Analyzed Legal Issues of Buy Sell Agreements.

    • § Analyzed Legal Issues of Offer & Acceptance of Real Estate Contracts, Buy Sell Agreements & Business Contracts.

  • Preparation of Interrogatories, Admissions, and Production of Documents.

  • Preparation of Deposition questions, and exhibits.

  • Preparation of Summary Judgments with exhibits.

  • Preparation of Jury Trials in assisting counsel on the business and tax issues with Preparation of Tax Returns.

  • Preparation of Bench Trials in assisting counsel on business and tax issues with the Preparation of Tax Returns.

  • Preparation of Appeals. 

Participant in Sponsored Continuing Legal Education Sponsored by the Cincinnati Bar Association (CBA) & American bar association (ABA)

New Lawyer Training Subjects Include (CBA)

  • Fundamentals of Fee Agreement, Time and Billing.

  • How to be A Successful Lawyer; Client Relationships; Improving Listening.

  • Working Effectively with Support Staff.

  • Understanding Legal Continuing Education.

  • Civility and Ethics; Ohio Code of Professional Responsibility.

  • Professionalism Issued by Supreme Court of Ohio; Attorney Code of Conduct; Judicial Code of Conduct.

  • Trust Fund Account (IOLTA).

  • Civil Litigation Basics; Intro State Courts; First District Court of Appeals; Federal Courts; U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, U.S. District Court.

  • Collection on Judgment; Creditor’s Rights FDCPA.

  • Real Estate Law; Title Insurance; Domestic Relations; Probate; Resources.

  • Successfully Advising Small to Midsize Business; Business Plans; Licensing Issues, Tax Issues Federal, State; Entity Selections; Buy Sell Agreements.

  • Skills Training; Ethics in Negotiations of Disputes- Ohio Code and Model Rules.

Advanced techniques of direct & cross examinations (ABA)  

ATTORNEY-CLIENT & Work product privilege for tax practice (aba)


  • Identify Goals- Focus Decision Maker- Gather Data.

  • Developing The Logical, Ethical and Emotional Appeal.

  • Mediation- Manner of Presentation- Medium- Arrangement and Style.

  • The Trial- Presentation Engage Audience- Refute Opposing Points- Delivery Enhance Communication

THE TRIAL LAWYER- WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN- Author David Berg- litigation (ABA)

  • The Art of Persuasion Every Trial Lawyer’s goal.

  • Pre-Trial Preparation- Informal & Formal Discovery

  • Jury Studies & Graphics

  • Voir Dire- Jury Selection

  • Opening Argument- Goals & Structure

  • Killer Cross- Goals –Fundamentals & Mastering Unresponsive Witnesses

  • Preparing & Presenting Witnesses

  • Closing Arguments- Goals- Overcoming Opposition- Powerful Closing


Act like a lawyer- key to success -(CBA)

Current real estate law development (CBA)

Current issues in business law (cba)

  • Ethics 2000 Rules & The business attorney-  Changes in ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Credit Enhancements- Special collateral- Commercial Lending

  • Legal Issues Affecting Corporate Directors

  • Current E–Commerce Legal Issues Affecting Business


  • Practitioners Practice & Procedure in the 6th Circuit and First District.

  • Panel discussion with First District Court of Appeals Judges

    • Honorable Rupert A Doan- Honorable Sylvia Sieve Hendon-

    • Honorable Lee H. Hildebrandt Jr.- Honorable Mark A Painter


  • Partnership & LLC Formations with tax consequence

  • Corporate Tax Update- Recent Cases Rulings & Legislation

  • Ohio’s Commerce Activity Tax – Application to Clients

  • Criminal Tax Matters- Major Tax Crimes- CID Investigation Techniques- Steps in Criminal Tax Case & Federal Sentencing Guidelines

  • Ethics Circular 230 & Professionalism


  • Avoiding Transition from State to Federal Court

  • Expert Witness-Techniques for Successful Examination

  • Motion Practice-Case Management-Discovery-Trial Settings

  • Professionalism -Discovery –Opening & Closing Statements- Current evidentiary issues


  • Effective Use of Written Discovery- Depositions Procedures

  • Witness Preparation- Jury Instructions- Professionalism

  • Proving Damages- Effective Presentation of Scientific Evidence through Expert Witness- Direct & Cross -Examination- Voir Dire

  • Effective Opening Statements- Closing Arguments


  • Nuts & Bolts of Felony Case

  • Pre Arrest- Arrest—Diversion- Indictment-

  • Motions to Suppress- Discovery Motions

  • Alibi- Plea or Trial Setting- Pre Trial- Trial


  • The Legal Writer – Second Edition by Honorable Judge Mark Painter


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