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Utilizing the skills in my field of  Accounting, Auditing, Criminology, andTaxation , Law- legal elements of Fraud Detection, & Prevention to resolve your Problems by application of the following Areas of My Skills & Expertise.

  • Accounting & Financial reporting- Detecting Fraudulent Transactions* Find Hidden Assets* 

  • Examinations of Financial Statements- Detecting Asset Misappropriation* Embezzlement* Skimming* 

  • Examinations of the Operation System of Businesses to determine exposure to Fraud.

  • Internal controls, an example is how to properly distribute authority in the business

  • Investigations* Interview suspects to obtain information & confessions* Write Investigation Reports*

  • Expert witness* Well versed in the law relating to Fraud and Fraud Investigations.

  • Taxation as related to fraud, such as how to correctly report to the IRS or how to stop losses of company funds

  • Fraud Detection * Fraud Prevention 

  • Forensic Accounting- Analysis of Problems with suggestive resolutions and Expert report to Court.

  • Loss Prevention

  • Development & Application of legal knowledge & skills.

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